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XPS Material FAQ

Updated: May 20, 2021

This is a FAQ section for XPS material. You can find more information about our boxes here. Please enjoy your time reading.

What is XPS?

XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) is manufactured using a process of extrusion. This continuous process results in a closed-cell structure with smooth skin on the top and bottom of the board. This structure prevents water penetration to the structure of the insulation board and provides long-term strength and durability.

Are XPS boxes strong?

XPS boxes provide a compressive strength in the most challenging situations.

Do XPS boxes have thermal insulation?

XPS boxes provide great thermal insulation which leads to keeping your food warmer for much longer; thanks to their heat absorbance yours hands are protected when holding them.

Do XPS boxes keep the food fresh?

Because of XPS’s resistance against bacterial growth, and thermal insulation, XPS boxes keep the food fresher for much longer.

Are XPS boxes Eco-Friendly?

They are environmentally friendly because they are recyclable.

Are XPS boxes Durable?

Yes, they are. They are made of pretty strong material so they do not lose their features easily in the long term. This sturdy material, also shields them from damaging external factors.

Are XPS boxes heavy?

No, they are not. Because XPS is a very lightweight material, the boxes are also lightweight.



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