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We Also Prefer XPS For a Healthier, Greener And Lessharmful Environment!

As Mir Packaging we comply with the legal regulations and follow all government guidance accordingly. Therefore we also believe EPS products should not be used in anywhere around the world.


Human lives and animal lives is the most important objective we take care of when we produce our products.

XPS is a highly quality product which we have been using since our first date of establishment and will continue to use, due to its un-harmful, greener and non-danger results.

Our XPS products does not cause environmental pollu ti on by breaking down and it is resistance against bacterial growth, as these are very important for the environment and for health purposes.

XPS is 100% re-useable, re-heatable and recyclable, which this is one of our main objective we take care of at all times.

We have never faced any type of issue since our first date of producing our XPS products. 170 companies we work with have not approached to us once regarding any problem with our XPS products. Our aim is to keep our current customer’s continuously happy and encourage to make more customers happy by choosing us in the close future.

Please be reassured that our XPS products are not harmful for humans, animals and the environment. We could confirm all of our products go through tests at the laboratory before producing them from scratch.

We wish to continue serving our XPS box products wildly by ensuring of no hesitation for all of our customers.




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